Exploring Thermodynamics with GLASSX

GlassX Wall System

GlassX wall system

In the summer of 2011, jib was approached by GreenLite Glass in Vancouver with a unique opportunity to assist them in developing product messaging and collateral for a revolutionary new product called GLASSX.

GLASSX is a translucent exterior wall system with a patented phase change material (PCM) and a prism that capitalizes on solar and thermal energy to help manage energy resources of a building. GLASSX, developed by architects in Switzerland, reduces a buildings energy load by 30-50% with only 1/3 coverage on a south-facing facade. GLASSX allows natural light to flow into the building while maintaining R value, an accomplishment never seen with glass before.

Our role was to help the company’s principals shape their messaging. Determine how to best describe the product and it’s properties, and then develop marketing collateral to take it to the North American market. In our minds, GLASSX uses the laws of thermodynamics to deliver its benefits. Hence the term Thermodynamic Glazing™. In two words we’ve managed to help our client simplify their messaging and explain the function of GLASSX to their customers.

Here’s a video we developed that explains how it works:

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