Why Jib

Why jib? Because we deliver BIG IDEAS - are there any other reasons?

We view web sites, viral videos, print advertising, direct mail, billboards and digital marketing as tools to build and support the Big Idea. We look at the sum, not merely the parts. We have no vested interest in which tools we use. Our only objective is seeing you through to yours.

You may already be within jib’s target market

We have built our reputation working with small to medium-sized businesses that consider us an extension of their marketing departments. But, increasingly, we’re working with major brands, too. They say we’re more entrepreneurial than big agencies. Whatever the case, we treat their aspirations with no less importance than those of our smaller clients.

Is print advertising extinct?

Not until humanity becomes pixilated. Tactile communications are still crucial to supporting the strategy behind a Big Idea. A strategic print initiative can still deliver great results. Digital agencies can’t deliver on this because they don’t understand it.

A website is not a marketing strategy

Without a Big Idea, your fabulous website design is un-helmed opportunity. A Big Idea gives you a singular voice, a unified purpose, a connection to your audience that exploits your brand’s unique qualities and sets you apart from everyone else. A website adrift alone in a cruel sea of competitors cannot do any of this.

Are your SEM, SEO and PPC all in good order?

Should you, in fact, care? Enough with the acronyms and upper case cluster bombs digital agencies hurl at their unsuspecting clients. And never mind that many self-professed digital marketing experts are barely old enough to drive, lack business acumen and formal training in the dark disciplines of advertising, content marketing and selling. Tech is not touch, and it never will be. We demystify this unsettling universe for you, put your brand in a place where it can become an unstoppable force and, most importantly, enable you to measure the effectiveness of what we do.

jib strategic is a marketing agency in Toronto. We are graphic design specialists. We are also adversiting experts. Kings of branding and identity. Champs of social relevance and seo.