TIP: Best Way to Use QR Codes

Best way to use QR codesUnless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of QR codes and have noticed their proliferation in advertising in the last 18 months. QR codes are a great marketing tool when used properly. They can provide timely information at all steps of the sales cycle and can be very useful. BUT we don’t recommend them to our clients, unless there is a specific function beyond visiting the home page of their web site.

If you are planning to use a QR code, make sure you are adding value to the intended users experience. Send them somewhere useful, give them a coupon, provide directions, help them buy your product, inform them on how to use your product through video or audio. Don’t just send them to your website. For great examples of QR code use, take a look at these 5 genius examples of QR codes in marketing.

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