Brand Building With Contest Media


Brand Building With Contest MediaKingspan is a global leader in the manufacture of insulated metal panels which are used for high performance buildings. They manufacture insulated metal panels used for commercial, institutional, and cold storage buildings. They approached us to create an unconventional campaign that would build brand awareness for their North American market; engage their customers (architects & engineers) was the key priority.

It had to be different.

Brand Building With Contest MediaThe concept centres on legacy; that is, after all, the driving force for most architects. Instead of throwing around slick photos of pristine buildings, we did a 180°. See, the interesting thing about legacies is that they are not shiny and new; they are battered and weathered. The power of a legacy is not that it has avoided the storms, but that it has stood up to them. So, we created a post-apocalyptic narrative set in the future.

Introducing Fragments

Thousands of years from now, fragments from long lost buildings are found. These fragments (which are pieces of Kingspan panels) are used as a guide to help rebuild the new world, and are featured in a museum exhibit as a testimony to the brilliance of the architect who built with them; his legacy lived on.

Campaign Collateral

The campaign consisted of print ads, a microsite, and a direct response campaign which used PURL’s (personalized URL’s) which allowed us to create a customized web-experience for each user; the web-experience featured a fictional timeline of fragments from buildings they designed. The microsite was also host to a papercraft design contest.

Media & Prizing

The concept was followed up by a print and blog out-reach campaign, driving prospects to the contest who were encouraged to submit their own design, where they had the chance to win a variety or prizes, including a scholarship either donated in their name or, if they were a student, applied toward their tuition. The winner will be on display at Greenbuild International Expo in Toronto in October 2011.

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