Around the World in 80 Days for SickKids Hospital


Around the World in 80 Days for SickKids Hospital

February 28, 2014

Since Jules Verne’s tantalizing novel first introduced us to the concept in 1873, circumnavigating the globe has held a strange allure for the adventurous traveler and those who live vicariously through them. Dave McElroy takes it to a new level...... Read More

Jib Supports The Autists

October 3, 2009

A one-day Toronto event dedicated to revealing, celebrating and commercializing the creative genius residing in the autistic/Asperger’s minds that live among us. Just what is The Autists? A fabulous party with superb food & drink and lively, accessible culture An event at which anyone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)...... Read More

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