It’s not always about design

It's not always about designEvery once and a while we get a client who walks in the door with a crippled web site. Their most common complaints are that their site isn’t findable, difficult to maintain, and suffers a litany of technical glitches. So, we don’t always redesign a clients web site as clients are sometimes quite attached to their current design, they just want their web site to function properly.

This is where we quite often recommend a WordPress solution. We simply take the clients existing web site design and integrate it with a brand new content management system (CMS). WordPress started as an open source blogging platform and has quickly grown popular as an over-all CMS system for managing web sites. It’s easy to use, supported by a robust community of programmers, has powerful modular plugins that make it expandable, and is incredibly well constructed to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Diane & Ted Greene from Making Waves Boatel, run a unique Toronto bed and breakfast aboard their 70 foot trawler down at the harbourfront. They came to us with a web site in need of such expertise. We helped them rebuild their site so they could manage their content more easily, we improved their findability by applying our SEO techniques, optimized their Google Places account for local search, and we created and submitted an XML sitemap to the search engines to improve their indexing. Work that took us 2 to 3 days to complete.

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