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What I Learned While Executing a Wall-R-Us Social Media Feed Wall at a Singles Theme New Years Eve Party

January 16, 2017

A social media feed wall or display happens when you license 3rd party software to seek out all fresh Twitter tweets and Instagram images with a specific hashtags and, if approved, to display the text and images on a TV screen or project the feed on a wall. You can imagine how fun this could be?... Read More

How Live Chat Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

How Live Chat Can Boost your Conversion Rate

November 18, 2013

Whether you have a physical storefront or a virtual one, much of your marketing effort is aimed at directing potential customers to your website. When they do find their way there, they are at a disadvantage to in-store customers...... Read More

SaaS Street identity & web site

June 16, 2009

Identity SaaS Street, a Software as a Solution based company that specializes in integrating Netsuite applications for their customers. Our task was to deliver a clean, fresh brand identity that reflected their philosophy – Affordable. Fast. Utilitarian. with Zero risk.... Read More

The Future of magazines is HTML 5

May 21, 2009

This is yet another nail in Adobe Flash’s coffin. You can clearly see the potential of HTML 5 in this video. It’s open, searchable, efficient and cross platform. Check it out.... Read More

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