10 Cool Things to Do with your Blog Once it’s Posted

10 Cool Things to Do with your Blog Once it’s Posted

Jan 27, 2014 — 3 min read

“Three likes and one share? That was Shakespeare-esc in its elegance, come on people!” If you are frustrated that your brilliance goes unnoticed online, then we are here to help. Quality content is the only way to attract a crowd and keep them coming back, but they have to know who you are in the first place. Here’s a long list of things to do with your blog posts to help get the word on the street.

  1. Start collecting email addresses which you add to an ever-growing database. Compile your best posts every month into a newsletter which you email out to your mailing list. Add a newsletter subscription button to your site so new visitors can add themselves to your mailing list. Emails still enjoy a high click-through rate and offer readers an alternative point of access to your brilliant content.
  2. Engage your potential readers; just posting to social media isn’t enough. Regularly visit sites similar to your own and engage with their readers who ask questions or share posts. These active readers are exactly the kinds of people you want on your site too and you already share an interest. You should also engage people who share your posts on their social media platforms by asking questions or liking their content too.
  3. Consider combining your best posts into an e-book which you can sell on your site and on Amazon.
  4. Participate in online communities, forums and other platforms which deal with the same themes as you do in your blog. There are endless opportunities here to promote your blog and share links.
  5. Engage your readers by asking them for suggestions, ideas or input on your social media sites. Reciprocate by sharing their content too.
  6. Use your posts to pitch stories to newspapers, magazines and other publications. Building an audience over a variety of platforms is a great way to get your content read.
  7. Create a circle of like-minded individuals on Google+ and host hangouts where you get to talk about the issues you cover in your posts.
  8. Share your posts over a number of platforms that appeal to different segments of your audience. This can include sharing your posts on Instagram and Pinterest (visual platforms) as well as via email and Facebook. Don’t forget social sharing sites like Digg and Reddit.
  9. Guest blog on other sites to introduce their audiences to your genius. The link love won’t hurt either.
  10. Post comments on sites that allow you to register your website or display your last blogs.

If your content is great and you engage with your audience, it won’t be long before you gather a stable of loyal readers who help to spread the word. The thing to realize is that the real work starts once the blog is published. And remember; if you post it… they will come.

David Shephard

— Founder & Creative Director

An obsessive entrepreneur, with interests in renewable energy, motorcycles, and carpentry. David and the jib crew employ over 20 years of advertising experience to deliver sound strategies for an ever evolving marketing seascape.