Get more Facebook Likes in Five easy Steps

Get more Facebook Likes in Five easy Steps

Jun 17, 2013 — 3 min read

So you finally joined Facebook and took the time to set out your page, but all you’ve got is tumbleweeds and a friend request from your mum. Sure, you can buy your Facebook likes at about a buck each, but this is not a popularity contest. When it comes to Facebook, a few true friends are worth fistfuls of likes from people who will never interact with you.

Set a course, Mr. Sulu

The first thing to do is set out the goals for your Facebook page. This will determine who your audience will be. Some goals to consider are:

  • Utilizing your Facebook page to drive traffic to your site
  • Sharing content that you wouldn’t put on your site like news or memes
  • Spreading awareness of your product
  • Publicizing events

Knowing what you are going to use the site for will help you to define your audience and appeal to them in a way that works.

BFFs Forever

Your Facebook mantra should always be quality over quantity. This means that a few good fans who interact with you, share your posts and provide feedback are much better than hundreds of strangers who have liked your page but never interact with you.

This means that the first people you should recruit to your new page are clients and friends with whom you already have a good relationship. Don’t just do this at the outset, as you meet new people and interact with them, ask them to check out your Facebook and like their pages too.

Here, forming mutually beneficial relationships with your online community is what holds the most cache.

Sharing is Caring

Social media platforms are only as effective as the work you put into them. This means that you have to be the one to interact first. Browse your fan’s pages, comment on their posts and share things your readers will find interesting. This is a conversation, not an obligation. Post regularly and, when people share your posts or comment on them, respond to their efforts.

Don’t just post your latest products or blogs on your Facebook page; make it interesting and interactive so that you keep your audience interested. You should even put some content exclusively on Facebook so that your fans get tangible benefits from your page.

Asking questions at the end of posts is a great way to encourage response.

Place Facebook icons on all your high-traffic pages and blogs so that they’re really easy for visitors to find. Invite visitors to your home page to like your Facebook page so that they will have access to special offers, latest updates and upcoming events.

Get the word out

Add your Facebook page to your email greeting, your website, your business cards and anywhere else you can. Share your Facebook posts on your other social media sites and regularly invite new friends and clients to visit your Facebook site.

You can run competitions with great prizes for people who like the site or vote/comment on their favorite entries. This is also a great way to get people to send you photos and other content which you can use on your site.

Eye Max

Facebook is a visual medium, so keep your posts short, sweet and visually captivating. Spend time finding the perfect pictures for your posts and you’ll be so glad you did! If posts have visual impact, they are far more likely to garner attention in the otherwise fast-paced walls that bury your posts faster than you can say “Please like me!”

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