5 Magical Marketing Words that Work

5 Magical Marketing Words that Work

May 7, 2013 — 3 min read

If you want to increase sales, you’ll have to say the magic word

In marketing, every word matters. While word placement and punctuation can mean the difference between; “Let’s eat, Grandma,” and “Let’s eat Grandma,” selecting the right word is also of the utmost importance. When you only have a sentence, 140 characters or the limited space in an internet advert, you have to make every one count. There are some words that hold greater marketing cache than all the others combined and can help to boost sales in a couple of easy syllables.

Our magic words are not fabricated from thin air; they have proved themselves worthy over countless economics, marketing and psychology studies and are the truest arrows every copywriter should have in their wordsmithing quiver. Are you thinking ‘sex’ and ‘money’? Good guesses, but you may be surprised!


The most important part of your marketing campaign is to capture people’s attention and nothing does that better than ‘you’. With this little word, you’re pulling your audience into the conversation, making them part of the advertising and, let’s face it, making them feel like they’re the most important thing is a great way to get them on your side.


The word ‘new’ conjures up images of uncharted territory, a sense of adventure and a break from a routine that may have become passé. ‘New’ also implies improved and it doesn’t matter how similar it is to the old model, the word ‘new’ suggests that you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble unless it was better.

iPhone is a prime example of how ‘new’ is utilized to maximum effect. Every ‘new’ iteration of the iPhone leads to record sales, queues outside the iPhone store for days and endless speculation on what new features and new technology will be in the new iPhone.


There are two kinds of people in the world; those who have too much to do and are constantly juggling several things like a multitasking boss or those who are adverse to exertion. Both these groups want their lives to be easier. If you want consumers to buy your products, take a survey, sign up for something or give you a call, make sure that you tell them how easy the process is.

If you are selling a product, highlighting how much easier it will make their lives is a wonderful way to ensure that your consumers are rushing out right now to buy one.


We’ve all been dissatisfied with a purchase we’ve made in the past. Consumers are dissuaded from purchases by a fear of loss and a lack of trust. The best way to forge the gap between you and your consumers is to build trust. When you guarantee your products you show that you have complete confidence in their efficacy. Guarantees diminish the threat of loss and help to establish a bond of trust that makes consumers more likely to jump on board.


This is everybody’s favorite word; it inspires excitement and makes consumers feel like they have already won. Providing free content that your consumers find valuable is a wonderful way to build trust and invest in your products. Free brochures, free consultations, free webinars and free videos are all great ways to provide value-added content to your website and provide your consumers with more than the competition.

Marketing is easy when you offer free, value-added content and new products… guaranteed!

David Shephard

— Founder & Creative Director

An obsessive entrepreneur, with interests in renewable energy, motorcycles, and carpentry. David and the jib crew employ over 20 years of advertising experience to deliver sound strategies for an ever evolving marketing seascape.