10 Statistical Reasons to Invest in Product Videos for Marketing

10 Statistical Reasons to Invest in Product Videos for Marketing

Dec 6, 2013 — 3 min read

All aboard the video marketing train! I know you are saying that you don’t have the

  • Time
  • Expertise
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Skills
  • Face

for video, but you really do. And if you are still on the fence, here are ten compelling statistics that will convince you that video is a great addition to your digital marketing funnel.


That’s the percentage that video usage has increased in 2012. It’s a really fast growing media form and, since there are fewer product marketing videos than there are written posts, you can still benefit from high traffic volumes and great SEO cache when you post videos as part of your online marketing campaign.


That’s the percentage of people who will seek more information on a product, company or service that they have seen in a video.


People who have watched a product video are 176% more likely to purchase the product than people who haven’t seen the video.


That’s the percentage of consumers who said that they were much more confident in their purchase after watching a video about the product. Seeing the product in action and watching other people use it fosters trust and it is a great way to up your conversion rate.


This is the percentage of shoppers who said that they found online product videos helpful and instrumental in convincing them to make a purchase. Retailers are also reporting higher sales figures for those products which have online marketing videos.


This sweet little number is the percentage of people who remember a video advert that they saw online in the last 30 days. 22% visited the website mentioned in the ad, 15% looked up the website and 12% bought the product that they had seen in the video.


Is the percent of readers who will click through to a website when the marketing email contains a video.

1.8 million

That’s the number of words that are equivalent to the marketing punch of one minute of video according to Forrester Research. 1.8 million words are the equivalent of 3,600 websites and (in the words of a famous video personality) “Aint nobody got time for that!”

54 million

This is the number of mobile video viewers at the end of 2012. If you do make a video, ensure that you tap this fast-growing market. Mobile shoppers are three times more likely to view a product video before buying. And, when they have viewed a video, they are 50% less likely to return the product, mostly because they already know what it looks like and how it works.

4 Billion

This is the number of hits YouTube averages in a day.
Shopping has become a very interactive sport. Shoppers do their homework online by comparing prices and watching videos to find products they really like. Even when they are in the stores, they can use their mobile devices to watch videos or get reviews on the products they are thinking of buying. Product videos are becoming an essential tool for the savvy marketer. If you aren’t using videos to market your products, you can be assured that your competition is.

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