Paul Fenn

Paul Fenn is an award-winning writer of copy and generator of creative ideas for brands. He began his advertising career in Singapore as a junior copywriter freelancing at the legendary Ball Partnership, eventually working with most of the top ad agencies and design firms in town. With 20 years’ experience, Paul is at home in traditional or digital copywriting realms and has worked in every imaginable B2B and B2C category, from consumer goods to financial to industrial to pharma, in North America, Europe and Asia. Working with our art directors and designers, he helps develop entire brand concepts, their marketing strategies and executions. He also generates ideas and words for videos, experiential and digital stunts, plus the occasional feature-length screenplay, book and indecent limerick. Off hours, he rides and writes about dual-sport motorcycles, tending to arrive home late Sunday evenings wearing a rich coat of mud.

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