The Crew

About jib strategic and the highly-skilled deck hands

jib was formed in 2000 with one very basic goal in mind; to keep things simple and focus on what we know will work for your brand. We started out as a traditional integrated agency and navigated the murky waters of the digital revolution with much trepidation. Today we're a confident hybrid agency with highly-skilled producers who think first; then create. We bring to the table a vast array of experience, from very basic industries to highly sophisticated technology companies, partnering with our clients and aligning our goals to theirs.

David Shephard

Founder & Managing Director

An obsessive entrepreneur, with interests in renewable energy, motorcycles, and carpentry, David Shephard has a penchant for change and experimentation and has acquired 15 years of account and marketing expertise in the design and advertising field working with some of North America’s top corporate and consumer brands. Although he cut his teeth in traditional advertising, he has an insatiable passion for digital and has spent the last three years developing a new modus operandi. Check out my profile!

Benjamin Allison

Creative Director

Benjamin Allison graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005, with a BDes. His class was first to receive the brand spanking new degree from OCAD; but they hadn’t quite worked out all the bugs yet, and that is painfully evident in his work… you know what they say about early adopters. Anyway, he’s worked in the field for 11 years, can tell the difference between Helvetica and Helvetica Neue blindfolded, and has plans to start his own firm, Jab Design and Advertising, later this year. He also likes scotch.

Paul Fenn

Senior Copywriter

Paul Fenn is an award-winning writer of copy and generator of creative ideas for brands. He began his advertising career in Singapore as a junior copywriter freelancing at the legendary Ball Partnership, eventually working with most of the top ad agencies and design firms in town. With 20 years’ experience, Paul is at home in traditional or digital copywriting realms and has worked in every imaginable B2B and B2C category, from consumer goods to financial to industrial to pharma, in North America, Europe and Asia. Working with our art directors and designers, he helps develop entire brand concepts, their marketing strategies and executions. He also generates ideas and words for videos, experiential and digital stunts, plus the occasional feature-length screenplay, book and indecent limerick. Off hours, he rides and writes about dual-sport motorcycles, tending to arrive home late Sunday evenings wearing a rich coat of mud.

Chris Heffler

El Patrón

Chris is a juggler of sorts, an expert at herding cats and keeper of the Jib workflow. A graduate of the University of Toronto, a scholar of the Six Sigma methodology, with more than 15 years of project management experience, Chris ensures client projects are fluid and punctual. An aficionado of 80’s music, fluent in Spanish, German automobiles, and Cuban cigars.

Cornelius Quiring

Walker, Rider, Gentleman

There are two things Cornelius enjoys the most: meandering around city streets by foot and winding together asphalt ribbons on two wheels. To best understand a large cosmopolitan area, hoofing around will give a much better understanding of what makes a city tick, what the people are like and taste the underbelly of the town.

Eddie Ruminski


Fueled by copious amounts of tea and geeky nostalgia, Eddie Ruminski goes forth and conquers the vast tubes of the Internet with the knowledge he gained from the Interactive Multimedia post-graduate course at Sheridan College. However, due to an unforeseen accident in which he was run over by a hot air balloon being piloted by a monkey, he died but was rebuilt using the most top of the line technologies at Jib, who now use his artistic robotic services for both good and evil.

Nikki Fotheringham

Content Marketing Specialist

Nikki brings her writing and traveling experience to bare when blogging. She is committed to quality content which remains the best way to drive traffic to your site, establish your brand as a market leader and provide your readers and prospective customers with a valuable service. Blogs deserve a voice, a personality and a writer who cares about content. The environment is her primary concern and renewable energy, green building practices and energy efficient technology go a long way to ensuring its longevity. She loves writing, but writing about something important to you is the most rewarding and fulfilling job anyone could ask for. In her spare time, Nikki manages a green living blog called GreenMoxie.

Rob Campbell

Web Skirmisher & Storyteller

Rob Campbell, known throughout the Canadian blogosphere as Smojoe, has just recently merged with to offer a wider spectrum of web marketing services. Rob’s unique knowledge is valuable to people who are trying to determine the best way to market their website’s natural media potential, and properly leverage the real stories that every business accrues. This is the age of earned media and Smojoe manufactures relevance for clients using natural attractions and contest media.

jib strategic is a marketing agency in Toronto. We are graphic design specialists. We are also adversiting experts. Kings of branding and identity. Champs of social relevance and seo.