Direct Response Media

direct response media

Sometimes, a big idea delivered in a tangible (offline) form is the right solution to a marketing problem. Targeted properly, a direct mail component can deliver effective results. In developing the HelloName product, we've combined the best of direct mail, email and the web, to create measurable offline campaigns.

How it works

The key to success with HelloName is the clandestine nature of the distribution. The prospect is presented with a direct mail piece that arrives in a plain envelope that is hand addressed, increasing open rates dramatically. The user is then presented with a very personalized sales pitch or invite. Great for events and/or lead generation for sophisticated product demos with long sales cycles.

Step 1

The Mail Room at Jon’s company is instructed to hand-deliver the envelope(s) to Jon and other targeted co-workers.

Step 2

Jon and his co-workers receive personalized pieces of mail, in a standard envelopes. They don’t look like advertising.

Step 3

Jon receives a personal URL (PURL) and his activity is tracked and recorded in our administration database.

Step 4

Qualified sales leads are generated with a 10% to 50% response rate.

Benefits of HELLOName

  • Automates campaign setup
  • Personalizes the experience
  • Provides real-time reporting
  • Increased response rates

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