Digital Marketing


Jib offers a complete suite of digital marketing services in order to help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Whether you're looking for search engine marketing or display advertising, we can develop a strategy that best suits your needs and gets you the results you want.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Are you struggling with your your Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? Experiencing diminishing returns? Would you like higher click-through-rates (CTR’s), higher conversions, and more engagement? Would you prefer to focus on running your business, and not your digital marketing? Why don’t you let the highly-skilled paid search managers at Jib help you get better results by managing your PPC campaign strategies?

Jib’s PPC strategies can help you increase brand awareness, website traffic, and increase sales.

Our PPC Management service includes:

Analysis: We review your current campaigns by gathering historical PPC account data, analyze your web analytics data, research your competitors, customers and industry trends.

Optimization: Because the results of any PPC program are not static, we continuously tweak keyword phrases, copy, landing page elements and bidding strategies. These refinements improve campaign results, leading to increased leads and sales.

Fine Tuning: We’re constantly retargeting your PPC strategy to make sure we’re focused on targeting markets that are interested in your products or services. Your message is being delivered to an attentive audience, which elevates brand awareness.

Our PPC management programs start at $2,000.00 monthly spend.

Display Advertising (static and interactive banners)

At one time, the main benefit of display advertising was considered to be reach. Today, many experts agree that it is best suited to branding. This can be a real advantage for a company looking to gain mindshare.

Display advertising — especially behavioral targeting (like remarketing and interest categories) — act as great complements to search advertising and social media visibility.

Typically, our services for planning and optimizing display campaigns for performance objectives are priced in a manner similar to paid search (based on overall spend). Ask us for more details and we’ll be happy to explore your objectives in further detail.

Typical display advertising channels include:
Jib is an official Google Adwords Certified Partner

  • The Google Display Network
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Various networks and exchanges
  • Specific publishers and niche opportunities
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