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Content Marketing is about more than just making waves on your company’s four main social media channels, it’s about adding value by offering exclusive information, helpful graphics, and anecdotal insights and above all, well optimized stories that attract people to your website from search engines.

contentAUTHORITY4Stories have a beginning, middle and end. Some tales have protagonists, antagonists and conflict, but all try to answer the reason why. Good stories satisfy human cravings and make powerful memories.

Introducing POST; Jib’s business story writing service that will ramp up your web presence, deliver more traffic, give you a social identity and turn your website into a lead broker and top salesman, the primary component of a strong conversion funnel.

We’re Expert Storytellers
(Content Marketing in Toronto is our specialty)

Content marketing has become an extremely important tool for companies seeking to differentiate their brands. Building content libraries that help your customers make better purchasing decisions is a terrific way to stand out. It’s not difficult, it just requires planning. And we can help!

We help you uncover great content

The key to effective content marketing is to not be selling all of the time. It’s about them, not you. You have to give to get. Make their lives easier, provide them with tips on relevant topics that truly make deeper connections. Engage your customers on levels that you never thought possible. Show your customers (and new prospects) that you truly understand their challenges, and they will reward you with their business, and refer you to their colleagues.

You’ve got skills

Developing good content is not easy. However, the best place to start is with your own employees. Imagine the amount of experience your own people have. You should know, you hired them for their expertise. Show them off by telling their stories. If this sounds daunting, don’t panic! Our POST program can help you get things on track with a comprehensive content strategy that delivers results.

Our program considers the following:


  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content calendar so you’re not scrambling each week wondering what to write
  • We’ll help you uncover your stories through employee interviews & client outreach
  • Subjects that are relevant to your company’s product or service
  • Strategic writing with keyword sandwiches for search engines and humans to consume
  • Well researched photographs
  • Recording & production of video content
  • Properly structured links, anchor text, tags, and  categories
  • Analytics for reporting
  • Integration of Social Media
  • Content distribution through bookmarking & Social Media

What are you waiting for?

Like the farmer who sows his field, a properly managed content marketing plan can take months to show results. You must act now in order for your company to stake it’s claim in your niche. The trick is to get ahead of your competition and position your brand/or company as the thought leader, by earning the trust of your customers and prospects through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

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