Search and Social Rank

Search and Social Rank - Learn SEO, SMM secrets to making your website rank higher on Google.

October 15th 2013, starting at 6:00pm – Read about #SSRS5 here

Join us this October 15th at 6:00pm in the Distillery District, Toronto and interact directly with Speakers to better digest knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, and the congress between these two different marketing modalities.

Small to medium sized business owners, brand managers, web developers and all manner of internet marketing types should plan to attend this fascinating event.

This one night is what we live for, it could change your life, improve the health of your business and your mind, and all of your online marketing endeavors.


A $20 ticket buys a buffet dinner, an alcoholic beverage, and access to an unforgettable night of ideas in a freshly renovated historic setting. Four speakers will be sharing their knowledge in expeditious 20 minute presentations, half of which are occupied taking questions, enjoying witty banter and informative discussions with attendees. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

Learn SEO, SMM secrets to making your website rank higher on Google. This is not a gathering of sales people, but rather a meeting of the minds where experts generously share their secrets in an open exchange of bold new strategies.

Featured Speakers

Rob Campbell

Lead Moderator and will discuss ‘Memeweaving’Rob Campbell, SMOJoe, content marketing, SEO in Toronto, memeweaving, SSRS5Rob Campbell is a renown content marketing for SEO author / speaker in Toronto is the moderator of this event.

Rob is set to share knowledge about something he calls contest journalism in his latest 15 minute presentation titled, How to use web contests to rank 1st on Google.The presentation is full of real life examples, which show how inexpensive contests have helped sponsors dominate their business niches socially, and rank #1 for popular niche business keywords in search engines.

Nikki Fotheringham

Eco Friendly Blogger to Share 5 Secrets to Brand Storytellingeco friendly blog, green moxie, Nikki Fotheringham, green bloggerNikki Fotheringham writes an extremely popular eco-friendly blog called Green Moxie which has built a massive following because of her search and social tactics, specifically ‘brand storytelling’, and on this night Nikki is going to take fifteen minutes and show five slides to show and tell us all exactly how she did it. Nikki Fotheringham is set to share Five Secrets To Brand Storytelling

Jennifer Balogh

Email marketing expertJennifer Balogh, email marketing expert at VigorateJennifer Balogh is an email marketing specialist who’ll speak on Email Marketing in a Social World which will address why email should still be a major focus for digital marketers, and how social media has impacted and improved email marketing systems. She’ll also demonstrate some best practices to use today and give away some of her secrets to building subscriber lists and brand reputation.

Jennifer is the Senior Director, Account Management and Strategy at Vigorate Digital Solutions. She’s been with the company for eight years, and has seen email marketing evolve and mutate in many different directions.

Brian Rotsztein

Presenting the secrets about how to use video for SEOBrian Rotsztein SEO in MontrealBrian Rotsztein is a popular business and marketing consultant and blogger at He’s also the CEO of Uniseo (a boutique SEO & Internet Marketing Agency based in Montreal), and President of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association.

Brian will be speaking about How to Use Web Videos to Increase Ranking and Conversions on Google. Mr. Rotsztein frequently speaks at large conferences like WordCamp, PodCamp, Social Media Breakfast, and others across Canada and the US.

Geoff Whitlock

CEO of Surround Integrated Marketing and web P.O.E.T.Geoff Whitlock, CEO of Surround Integrated MarketingGeoff Whitlock will discuss the inter dimensional relationship between Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media and share real life examples of how he delivers value to brands by executing or instigating his three different approaches to digital marketing.

This promises to be an insightful look at internet marketing processes developed by CEO of a smart young content marketing agency here in Toronto Ontario Canada. Geoff will share his POEMS, Paid, Earned and Owned Media on the Web


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