jib strategic incubates good ideas whenever possible

While most creative studios waste away helping their clients realize their dreams, the minds at jib are also working on their own big ideas. Extra-curricular activities help keep us energized, sharp, and plugged in to the world around us. The lessons we learn out in the wild are brought back to work with us, allowing us to offer you richer, more dynamic answers.

Portable Solar Power

The inspiration for SolarLine was actually derived from an obsession to eliminate small engine emissions in the lawn care industry. The idea to build a portable solar generator is not original, Companies in California have been leading this charge for many years now. We simply felt it was high time Canadians started realizing that natural resources are finite here too – and that we must seek out greener, more responsible alternatives for power generation before it’s too late. So, with these ideals in mind, we decided to commercialize the results of our experimentation and build and assemble solar generators right here in Ontario. Portable, clean, renewable energy is here now!

Zero Emission Lawn Care

The landscaping industry holds a special place in my heart. As a young adult attending university, this was how I made ends meet. So I spent many a summers choking on 2-stroke exhaust fumes, mixing gas, grass cutting, and spilling it everywhere refueling the equipment. Ecocut was developed so we could do our part for the environment, and have some fun experimenting with digital advertising techniques. Ecocut offers full-service clean, green, organic lawn & garden care using equipment powered exclusively by renewable, solar-power, biodiesel and human musclepower. Ecocut’s unique fleet is able to charge its electric equipment on-the-fly via solar panels mounted on its truck-trailers.


Conscious Living For Urban Dwellers

Spearheaded by Nikki Fotheringham, GreenMoxie is a green living blog dedicated to helping everyone make a difference. We need to live a life that’s mindful of the impact we leave. So, we created a forum for people to get the tools they need to live a greener, leaner life.

Each person can make a difference. You can make a difference to your planet, your country, your community and your backyard. We show you how!
If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito
– African Proverb

Eat Drink Travel Magazine

Spearheaded by Editor-in-chief and freelance writer Lisa Jackson, Eat Drink Travel profiles the best in food, drink, and adventure travel around the world. Our writers dig deep to uncover untold stories about people, places, and cultures, and bring unique food and travel experiences to readers. We explore the world with all five senses, and value the journey as much as the destination.

Lenzr Photo Contests is a serial photo contest. The website is made by the people for the people, and harnesses business to make art. User submitted content is rated by members and visitors using an addictive numeric bar. The photo on the top of the pile at the end of the sixty day contest period is the one that automatically wins the prize donated by the contest sponsor. Read about the winners in local blogs, and celebrate their achievements on discussion forums and other photo social websites. Keep your eye on Lenzr.

Page One Program

We get you on the first page of Google. And that’s a F*<&)#$ promise! A product that took 2 years to develop, and countless hours of late nights, black coffee, and Red Bull. Developed for business owners, entrepreneurs, product managers, and marketing managers, who were tired of paying monthly SEO contracts and getting diminishing returns. So we decided that guaranteed SEO was the way to go.

jib strategic is a marketing agency in Toronto. We are graphic design specialists. We are also adversiting experts. Kings of branding and identity. Champs of social relevance and seo.